Cities and municipalities are facing important urbanistic tasks to mitigate the consequences of climate change and changing demographics. Complex regulatory systems and outdated urban infrastructure don’t make this task any easier. Smart City strategies that focus on a sustainable energy transition require an integrated approach; one that transcends the functioning of the individual utility sectors (water, energy and telecom).

At the same time, many of society’s most impactful innovations are conceived on local, urban breeding grounds. Local governments are key facilitators of the successful development and implementation of such innovations. With this role comes the responsibility of identifying true, pressing challenges and to make sure that good practices are effectively shared.

About The Event

Hack Utilities is an open ideation event, bringing together stakeholders from the various utility sectors. It is a collective exercise for engineers, operations specialists and business developers. As such, it serves as a catalyst for close, integrated and ingenious solutions for the most pressing issues the Utilities industry is facing.

The immediate purpose of the event is to help you create new projects that you can start implementing the morning after the event. To that end, participants will come up with new project ideas and test them immediately, forge new collaborations and explore new technologies.


1 + 2 October — Area 42, Brussels

Now’s the time. We warmly invite representatives from cities and municipalities - countrywide - to share your challenges and good practices and to give shape to ideas that make for true, immediate impact.


Sofie Pierreux

Content Manager

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"The modern world doesn’t reward you for what you know,
but for what you can do with what you know." — Andreas Schleicher