Startups and larger companies do not get a chance to spend enough time collaborating on a similar use case. The solution to real and relevant challenges is a stronger synergy between startups and company. Tomorrow, new success stories are created by the flexibility, the adaptability of startups with the financial support and the experience of corporate.

The harder part is to find this sweet spot where your product is addressing a concrete problem that a company is currently facing. From the big landscape picture toward a unique task, the entirety of value chain need to be properly understood to focus on what to solve for whom. It is easier when being part of an ecosystem to be able to ask your future customers their biggest frustrations of their daily jobs.

Every innovation needs its technological breakthrough and no longer temporary workarounds. Sustainability solution is the goal which can be reached when sitting with main stakeholders and improving your offers in order to accelerate your growth engine.


Hack Utilities is an open ideation event, bringing together stakeholders from the various utility sectors. It is a collective exercise for engineers, operations specialists and business developers. As such, it serves as a catalyst for close, integrated and ingenious solutions for the most pressing issues the Utilities industry is facing.

The immediate purpose of the event is to help you create new projects that you can start implementing the morning after the event. To that end, participants will come up with new project ideas and test them immediately, forge new collaborations and explore new technologies.


1 + 2 October — Area 42, Brussels

Now’s the time. We warmly invite startups to demonstrate the true proposition value of your solution and your quick adaptability to tackle key utilities challenges. In a few words we need your powerful pain relievers to help companies and cities. This is the place where pilot projects are validated in only a few hours.


Paul Eckly

Business Development

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"Starting and growing a business is as much about the innovation, drive and determination of the people who do it as it is about the product they sell." — Elon Musk